Queen of Audio Pink Lady

Specifications: Driver: 1 x Dynamic + 2 x Balanced Armature Driver Impedance: 16 ohms Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 112 dB Connector: 0.78 mm 2-pin Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Queen of Audio (QoA) in any way and they sent the Pink Lady over as a review unit. QoA has not influenced me to say anything good or bad about the product … Continue reading Queen of Audio Pink Lady

Tripowin TP10

Haling from Shenzhen, China, Tripowin is a young company founded in 2019, with the intention of delivering premium Hi-Fi audio products at an affordable price. The first two products in their lineup are the TP10 IEM alongside their C8 cable to pair. Almost every other month, we hear of a new brand emerging from China, so competition and expectations sure are high. Let us take … Continue reading Tripowin TP10

Kotori Audio Graphite (2019 version)

Kotori Audio was conceived in the early months of 2017 out of discontentment of the high prices of mid and upper-tier cables. Kotori Audio sought to change that by offering quality handmade cables that wouldn’t nuke your wallet. So to speak… Come late-2017 and mid-2018, Kotori Audio launched their first two cables – the Carbon and Graphite respectively. The former is a 4-core Copper Litz … Continue reading Kotori Audio Graphite (2019 version)

Jomo x Pantheon (Pantheon P2)

Today we will be looking at the last IEM in the “Px” lineup, the Pantheon P2 – a.k.a the mid-ranger. I had a blast reviewing the Pantheon P1 and P3 previously.  I have never written a review of an entire lineup of IEMs of the same series and is quite a challenge, considering the IEMs have so much in common. I highly recommend that you read … Continue reading Jomo x Pantheon (Pantheon P2)

Jomo x Pantheon (Pantheon P1)

The previously reviewed Pantheon P3 seriously impressed me with it’s organic, rich bass and stellar soundstage and separation capabilities. Check it out here if you haven’t already! Yet another IEM by Pantheon Percussion in collaboration with Jomo Audio is the P3’s youngest brother, the P1. Coming in at SGD200, the P1 is the most accessible of the Px lineup while also being the cheapest IEM … Continue reading Jomo x Pantheon (Pantheon P1)